Statement of Export Control Compliance


As a world-leading video-centric provider of the smart IoT solution and service, Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. (herein called “Dahua”, “We”) is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which we operate, including the laws and regulations about export control and economic sanctions of the United Nations, China, United States, European Union. Integrity and responsibility are core values of Dahua, among others. Dahua believes compliance with export control laws and regulations helps us maintain our good reputation and sustain steady and long-term growth. Hence, Dahua places a priority on export control compliance over commercial profit.

To implement export control compliance and led by our Ethics and Compliance Committee, we have initiated a comprehensive scheme for building our export compliance program (herein called “ECP”). Automated screening, checks, and control measures have been taken within the internal process flows covering various business stages like R&D, procurement and supply chain, product manufacturing, sales, after-sale services, and payments & receipts. Under the ECP, items are managed and traced for the purpose of export control compliance from the time of purchase; suppliers, customers, and other business partners are regularly screened against sanction lists (e.g. SDN list and Entity List). In addition, Dahua has distributed its Handbook on Export Control Compliance to all the staff and has formulated guidelines for key departments defining specific compliance obligations and requirements applicable to them. The Handbook and guidelines are reviewed for updates annually or when necessary. For the sake of sound operation of the ECP, training on export control laws and regulations and ECP are tailored and delivered to newcomers, employees, key departments, and personnel whose position is directly relevant to export control compliance. Besides, Dahua periodically conducts internal assessments and audits, supported by a reward and punishment mechanism, to help us detect and handle violations or potential violations, assess the effectiveness of ECP, and continuously make improvements.

All members of Dahua are required to learn, understand, and adhere to export control compliance policy and fulfill their responsibilities accordingly. Further, Dahua advocates our customers, suppliers, and other business partners to respect and abide by applicable export control laws and regulations.

This Statement applies to all employees, departments, business units, branches, and subsidiaries of Dahua.

Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd.